Build a Better Texas

The construction industry in Texas employs 950,000 workers and accounts for one out of every $20 generated by the Texas economy.

Despite the relative prosperity and growth of the industry in Texas compared to other states, it remains one of the worst when it comes to pay and safety for workers.

The numbers from two recent reports by the Workers Defense Project are sobering:

  • A worker dies on a construction site in Texas approximately every 2½ days, more than any other state.
  • Over 50% of construction workers make poverty wages.
  • 1 in 5 construction workers experience wage theft.
  • 71% receive no employment benefits.
  • 50% of surveyed construction workers reported that they were undocumented.
  • 73% of surveyed undocumented workers have not received safety training vs. 40% of U.S. citizens.
  • 20% of workers are seriously injured on the job due to lack of safety training and equipment.

Fuerza is part of Build A Better Texas because we know that in addition to fighting everyday work struggles, we have to make systemic changes if we want to impact conditions on the job for all workers.

Build A Better Texas is a statewide effort advocating for policies that will ensure fair pay, worksite safety, and compensation for workers and their families in the case of a workplace injury.

The coalition is made up of workers and their families, unions, faith leaders, honest businesses, safety advocates, and worker centers.

The Build A Better Texas Campaign is currently advocating for policies that would:

  • Require construction employers to provide workers compensation coverage.
  • Require rest breaks for construction workers on government sites.
  • Mandate 10-hour OSHA safety trainings on government sites.
  • Protect workers from retaliation for filing wage claims.
  • Enhance enforcement against wage theft.
  • Strengthen penalties against payroll fraud.

Help build a better Texas!