Mission & History

In 2010, Fuerza del Valle Workers Center was launched to address the rampant pr 2oblem of wage theft in the Rio Grande Valley.

We began as a project of the Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network’s Jobs Working Group and have developed into a full-fledged workers center.

Fuerza del Valle Workers’ Center in South Texas along with the Labor Justice Committee form Border Workers United.  We are dedicated to uplift border workers voices.

We are generously housed at the offices of the Texas Civil Rights Project and are thankful for TCRP’s constant support.

Fuerza’s mission is to help workers discover their power and create solutions to the problems they experience at work. We are a mobile center so that we can reach out to workers across the Valley’s vast geographic area.

We hold weekly know-your-rights clinics in Brownsville, Alamo, and Alton. Workers come to the clinics to learn about labor protections, how to track their hours and document abuses, and to figure out a plan to resolve problems.

Fuerza del Valle  also runs and participates in campaigns to stop wage theft, to guarantee the rights of domestic workers, and to i mprove the state’s dangerous and low-paying construction industry.

Over our short history, we have created a space for workers to be heard, to receive support, and to take collective action.

Together we have shone a spotlight on the region’s most pressing labor issues, won important cases in court and improvements at job sites, and recovered over $350,000 in unpaid wages.

The growth of the center is a testament to what a group of committed individuals and organizations can accomplish together.