Financial Initiatives of the Fuerza del Valle Work Center

Fuerza's mission is to help workers unleash their power and find solutions to the challenges they face at work. Fuerza del Valle also leads and participates in campaigns to stop wage theft, guarantee the rights of domestic workers, and improve the state's dangerous and underpaid construction industry. Together, we have brought attention to the region's most pressing labor issues, won major court cases and improved jobs, and recovered over $350,000 in unpaid wages.

Now, we have prepared financial initiatives to help our community get on a solid footing and move confidently into the future.

Affordable housing

A home is what every person needs, his basic need. No one can be a good worker if he has nowhere to sleep, eat, and just relax. Therefore, we believe that mortgages should be more loyal and affordable.

Of course, we understand that creditors provide their funds, and these are large amounts, so they want to be sure that this money will be returned to them. However, lenders also receive collateral in the form of real estate, which borrowers acquire with the help of a mortgage. The rights to it remain with the creditors until the mortgage is repaid.

It seems to us that the fear of losing one's own property is a good enough reason for borrowers to pay off their mortgage. And the fact that in case of non-payment, the creditor will not be left empty-handed but will receive the same property is a good enough reason to soften his demands. We're talking about a credit score that, according to mortgage lenders, should be very high. People with a lower rating or with a not-very-rich credit history also need housing. And they perfectly understand all the risks of a mortgage. They should be able to acquire their own housing in order to build families, and feel comfortable and safe.

Child care leave

What could be more valuable and more important than children? They are the future of the whole nation, our hope, our light. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of them, especially to pay attention at the very beginning of their life. Therefore, we are sure that parental leave after his birth should last at least a year. In addition to the fact that the child at this time is especially vulnerable, restless and in need of parents, there is another aspect. Women who have given birth to a child are also in a vulnerable position. Postpartum depression, stress, overprotection, even shock - this is only a small fraction of what women who have recently given birth to a child experience. And to force a person in such a state to go to work is at least inhuman and cruel. At a maximum, this is putting the lives of both the child and the mother who gave birth to him at risk.

Loan Availability

As long as we are forced to literally win back our wages, as long as our fund has something to do, loans should be a salvation for people, not a punishment. Therefore, we believe that the requirements for home loans should be softened, penalties for late payments should be at least reduced, and at the maximum - they should disappear altogether. At least for such unforeseen situations as non-payment of wages. We all live in the same community and must go toward each other.


Insurance helps to avoid large financial and, most importantly, unexpected expenses. And we believe that insurance should be provided by companies where people work. First, it will significantly improve working conditions, regardless of what position someone occupies. In addition, it will increase employee morale and loyalty to the company. A person who is confident that he will not fall into a financial hole due to illness will be much more motivated, balanced and can also spend money on more necessary things instead of putting them off. In addition, increased cash flow will definitely benefit the economic situation in society.

Reasonable rates for payday loans

Unfortunately, we are still faced with the fact of non-payment and theft of wages. And we can imagine what a difficult situation a family finds itself in when there is no money they are counting on. But life goes on, and people need to pay rent or utility bills; people need to eat at least. And this is not to mention families with children whose food cannot be kept only on the cheapest products. Often the second breadwinner in the family also receives a salary, but it may not be enough; it may come later. So payday loans could be a helping hand for such people and families. And so their interest rates need to be reasonable and affordable so that people in trouble don't sink further into it because they took out a payday loan. Everyone would benefit from such a decision: people would receive financial support, and creditors would receive an increased number of customers.