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The Rio Grande Valley has the lowest paid workers in the country.  Protections are scarce and exploitation is widespread.  But this is only part of the story.  There is also a rich tradition of labor organizing. Courageous organizations have fought to improve working conditions and pay.  Fuerza del Valle is part of this struggle to make the valley a better place to live for all people.

Our Story


Our Fights

The economic recession for low wage workers demands we do two things at once.  Deal with the injustices workers deal on a day to day basis and build power to win major labor policy changes.  Fuerza del Valle defends workers’ rights and fights for economic and social justice. Our current campaigns are to stop wage theft, to improve the rights of domestic workers, and to improve the pay and safety of construction workers.

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There are numerous ways to get involved.  You can share your skill, help out with campaign expenses, follow us on facebook, twitter, tumbler, or instagram.  Your solidarity makes a huge difference.  It gives us the energy and resources we need to continue our fight with workers and families.  Each time we achieve a victory together it gives us the confidence to move forward. Join the movement for dignity and respect in the valley.

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Note on a fellow warrior, survivor of domestic violence, domestic worker, and member of the Domestic Workers’ Committee in south Texas

In front of Juanita, a domestic worker, immediately beginning the conversation, I feel a deep connection with her, who at first has a hard time remembering her past and her gaze is lost in the void when remembering her origins in Mexico. Born into an indigenous family in her native Chiapas, she decided to become […]

Financial Initiatives of the Fuerza del Valle Work Center

Fuerza's mission is to help workers unleash their power and find solutions to the challenges they face at work. Fuerza del Valle also leads and participates in campaigns to stop wage theft, guarantee the rights of domestic workers, and improve the state's dangerous and underpaid construction industry. Together, we have brought attention to the region's most pressing labor issues, won major court cases and improved jobs, and recovered over $350,000 in unpaid wages.

Walk for Migrant Rights-July 11-Harlingen, TX

Walk for Migrant Rights –– July 11, 2016 Lt. George Gonzalez Jr -500 W Harrison, Harlingen, Texas 6:30 PM to start at 7:00pm 1 Mile walk to the Prelude in downtown Harlingen Join us as we Walk for Migrant Justice!   The Domestic Workers’ Committee of Fuerza del Valle Workers’ Center invites you as: We walk […]

Walk for Migrant Rights / Caminata por Derechos Migrantes

    This Saturday morning, June 11th, join the Domestic Workers’ Committee of Fuerza del Valle Workers’ Center as we ‘Walk for Migrant Rights’ in Mission, TX. These monthly walks started in October of 2015, after the historic 100 Women 100 Mile ‘Walk For Justice’ of September. We have continued with these gatherings and they […]

Join the Struggle for Working Families this May Day

In March 2014, the Dallas Morning news reported on the success that has followed the Texas construction industry. As of 2014 it ranked fifth nationally, boosting Texas’ economy so much that it has become one of the best state economies in the country. The construction industry in Texas depends on over 900,000 workers, and many […]