Walk for Migrant Rights / Caminata por Derechos Migrantes

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Alamo, TX, May 11, 2016.


This Saturday morning, June 11th, join the Domestic Workers’ Committee of Fuerza del Valle Workers’ Center as we ‘Walk for Migrant Rights’ in Mission, TX.

These monthly walks started in October of 2015, after the historic 100 Women 100 Mile ‘Walk For Justice’ of September. We have continued with these gatherings and they keep gaining momentum when we collectively meet up on the 11th of every month.

We walk for an end to Family Detention, it can not be we claim to value families and incarcerate them instead of letting them unify with their love ones.

We walk to end the deaths of migrants in the borders as they try and reach a better life. We need an immigration policy that prioritizes human life, that fully respects all of our human rights.

We walk to end the separation of family that terrorizes our migrant communities nationwide.

We walk because we all deserve freedom.

We are joining the South Texas Human Rights Center, and are asking attendees to bring at least $1.00 for one gallon of water to support the Water Stations Project. The STHRC builds water stations in Brooks County and nearby areas for the migrants who are passing by, in need of water for survival. STHRC needs your help to keep this important project going.



Water barrels used by the South Texas Human Rights Center in Falfurrias, TX.


If you would like to donate immediately you can donate here, or you can get in contact with the Workers’ Center at 956-283-5650 if you would like to drop off the donation in the RGV or have it picked up.

What: Walk for Migrant Rights / Caminata por Derechos Migrantes
When: 10 AM, June 11th, Saturday morning.
Where: Starts at 2215 N Conway, Mission, TX 78572; Ends at 620 N Dunlap Ave, Mission, TX.

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