Honoring Migrant Lives – Welcoming the Antorcha Guadalupana – Two Years of Human Rights Center in Falfurrias

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Members of Fuerza del Valle Workers’ Center participated in events Honoring Migrant Lives this past weekend and helped raise awareness on the plight of migrant families as they cross through the brush for a better life in the north.

Friday, October 30th members and allies gathered at the South Texas Civil Rights Project in Alamo, where Fuerza del Valle is housed, to construct at traditional Day of the Dead altar for a ceremony to honor migrant lives.

In the evening the dozens of unidentified bodies found in Brooks County in the previous year were honored with a ceremony that consisted of a moment of silence, offerings of water for the water stations in Brooks County, and a reading of the unidentified migrant bodies identifying exactly at which ranches and what date they were found.

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“That night at Fuerza, that was a beautiful altar we built. Seeing one up closely in real life was beautiful. It made me think of my own dad who has passed away. I took care of him during his last years but was not there for those final moments a lot like the families of these migrants. It’s a frustrating type of confusion; you can’t get rid of that….There’s no closure.”
-Martha, Fuerza del Valle Member-

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Saturday the 31st we joined the South Texas Human Rights Center in welcoming the Antorcha Guadalupana and in celebrating two years of the Humans Rights Center and the fight to save Migrant Lives.

We marched with the Antorcha for about a mile to the grounds of the Brooks County Courthouse where we then went on to commemorate the two year anniversary of the South Texas Human Rights Center, a big hug and shout out to Eduardo Canales, Sister Pam, and the community that supports the Human Rights Center and prioritizes the struggle to save Migrant Lives.

The South Texas Human Rights Center maintains over 100 water stations throughout Brooks and surrounding Counties and has been the catalyst in getting DNA testing for migrant remains.

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Maria de Jesus Walks

“I got motivated, they are so brave [the migrants] to continue forward for their lives, for their families. They are heroes. We learn so much from them, they have opened the doors for us to continue this struggle. We will continue forward against these injustices.”

-Maria de Jesus, Fuerza del Valle Member-

The struggle continues and unity in our communities is needed now more than ever as the environment of hate is furthered by irresponsible leaders. Join the struggle! We will be walking in Brownsville for Migrant Justice this coming 11th of November.

-Fuerza del Valle media team-