Texas Can do Better: A Day of Action

By on Feb 9, 2015 in News |



stop deportationsFuerza del Valle will be joining Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA) to urge lawmakers in the 84th legislature in Texas to keep the welfare of working families in mind.

We must once again defend students’ right to in-state tuition, a vital feature to keep education in reach and accessible. We are also demanding accountability for enforcement agencies operating on the border and affecting the quality of life for members of border communities.

Hundreds of advocates will convene on February 11 at the state capitol to remind lawmakers of the humanity of those who will be affected if these backwards, anti-immigrant laws are passed in a state in which 1.68 million people are undocumented. We remind everyone that those who help make our community the vibrant and productive societies that they are are immigrants, and deserve to be represented by Texas lawmakers. We hope that this marks one of many events in 2015 in which we stand with immigrants and we encourage you to join us. Contact Fuerza del Valle Workers’ Center at fuerzadelvalle@gmail.com, on Facebook or at (956)283-5650  to find out how you can get involved in the struggle for a dignified life.